Jungle Walk

Jungle walk in Chitwan normally is conducted in the mornings. It allows travelers to submerge into pure wilderness of nature and gives them an advantage on the edge to spot different species of birds and mammals.

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Jungle Walk - Eco Homestay Chitwan

Jungle Walk – Eco Homestay Chitwan

Jungle walk is one the adventurous and entertaining activity of Sauraha. One can walk through dense forest around the natural habitat of the wild animals during the jungle walk. The tourist and the guides are not allowed to carry any weapon during the walks but the guides offer tips for safety at the start of the walk. The danger of sudden encounter with wild animals is always present during the jungle walk.

The majority of these encounters involve wild elephants and rhinos. Thus maximum caution should be exercised during the walk that provide opportunity to observe the wild life from up close. It is always a wise decision to take the aid of experienced guide during jungle walk. The guides take the tourist for 5 to 10 km walk at one time offering a chance to observe the wild animals and birds. One should not make the slight noise during the walk. Sauraha is a considered as the best destination in Nepal for Jungle Walk.

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